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The Bright Eyes 6 Point Vision Check

If you are worried about your child’s eyesight and you don’t want to have a full eye examination done, the Bright Eyes 6 Point Vision Check has been developed by Irish Optometrists to provide a quick, accurate check of your child’s eyesight.

This eye check has been developed to check for the most common problems in eyesight that children can experience and can tell quite quickly if your child may have a problem which needs a further full eye examination.

Life Through a Child’s Eyes

Your child’s eyesight is one of their most precious senses. 95% of what a child learns is through their eyes. If a child has a problem with their eyesight, it can lead to learning and behavioural problems.

Your Child's Vision

  • Visual Development in Children
  • Common Childhood Vision Problems
  • Why Good Vision is important?
  • Signs of Vision Problems in a Child
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